SEO is basically broken down into two basic areas:

  • On site Optimization: It refers to the factors that affect your web page ranking in the search results. For Example website speed, HTTP2, HTML code, Title Tags, Meta tags, keywords placement and keyword density in your webpages.
  • Off site Optimization: It refers to the method that we use to raise the ranking of the website through promotional means such as Content Marketing, Social media Marketing, link building, Local SEO and so on.

he important elements of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) are:

  • Analysis- It refers to all the activities required to understand and analyse the current state as well as the goal of the SEO campaign.
  • Site Wide- It refers to cleaning up all the technical issues that can cause problems for search engines in ranking your site.
  • Universal Search– It refers to the activities that affect rankings for search elements like videos, news, images, local listings and reviews.
  • Usability– It is a web discipline that focuses on user experience.
  • Social Media– It is a favorite tool and important for a successful SEO campaign.
  • Analytics– It is the engine that helps you to make decisions about your SEO campaign

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